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We care about the people of Alabama, and take pride in serving them through good and bad times. We have represented individuals, just like you, when they needed an attorney after they suffered an injury or the death of a loved one. We can help you as well.

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Foster Law Firm has a history of winning key cases as well as serious personal injury cases.

We want your case to be a success. With that in mind, on each case, we assemble a team of attorneys, experts, and personnel depending on the facts of your case and the injuries sustained. Also, you are a key member of our team. Your testimony, documents and photographs are often key pieces of the case. Your input is necessary, important, and highly valued.


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When You Think a Loved One has Been a Victim of Elder Abuse

At some point, a loved one may be placed in a nursing home for a rehabilitation or long term stay.  The nursing home will receive money, either directly from your loved one, you or through some form of health insurance.  In return, the nursing home must provide care and treatment that meets the standard of care.  Sometimes, however, they do not, and at that moment, your loved one may suffer a broken hip (due to a fall), have bedsores (due to not being turned or repositioned appropriately), may be overmedicated, or may suffer some other physical or emotional injury due to some type of abuse or failure in care.  At that point, if you suspect something is not appropriate, please feel free to give us a call to advise you on next steps.  




BAM! You have been hit. You hurt. You need an ambulance. You are rushed to the hospital and care and treatment begins. But, what is next? That is where we come in. We will evaluate the motor vehicle incident and your injuries to determine if you have a legal claim, and if you do, we will work to maximize your recovery to put you back in your shoes where you were standing before the motor vehicle incident sidetracked your life.

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Call us 24/7 at 205-443-7264 or fill out the form.

Do you have questions about a potential injury or wrongful death claim?  Maybe you have questions about a property damage claim, insurance claim, or claim concerning a monetary loss.  If so, please contact us.  We provide a free legal consultation about your potential claim.  In other words, we will evaluate your case for free.


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