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To the right, please find a quick intake form.  This is our FREE case evaluation form.  With the information you provide to us, we can begin to evaluate your case.  Your submission is very important to us, and we will respond within 24 hours.  Do not feel like you have to provide a well-written or perfect synopsis of what happened.  Instead, a quick idea of your thoughts about the (i) injuries - personal injury or wrongful death; (ii) where the injuries occurred - exact or approximate location (e.g., this building, this business, on this roadway, etc.); and (iii) when did the injuries/death occur.  Then, please attach any photos you have of the injuries and/or any incident report, such as a motor vehicle crash report in a car accident case.  This will help us tremendously in beginning the evaluation of your case.  Remember, the case evaluation is FREE.  Even after the FREE case evaluation, and we determine that the case may be viable and accept your case, you still will not have to pay anything out-of-pocket on a personal injury or wrongful death case.  Any attorney's fee and case expense will come from any amount recovered, not from your pocket.

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