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I need a lawyer

I need a lawyer

Do you have a legal issue or do you have a legal question? Do you need a lawyer to represent you in a proceeding, to advise you, to write a letter on your behalf, or to argue on your behalf? Then contact Foster Law, and let us know how we may help you. We will evaluate your issue or case FREE of charge, and the initial consultation is FREE.

Some examples of people we have assisted recently include a gentleman whose wife filed a restraining order against him and limited his access to his property. We spoke with him and other family members (with his consent), so that we could best understand the issues involved. Once we understood the issues, we asked the gentleman if we may involve another attorney. He agreed. We then asked another attorney with experience in these types of issues to become involved. This attorney was able to immediately make a filing with the Court and represent this gentleman’s interests.

Another example concerns the recent IVF Supreme Court decision in the State of Alabama on February 16, 2024. After this decision, IVF (in vitro fertilization) clinics began shutting down services, and many of their clients became nervous of what the future would hold. One of these individuals contacted Foster Law, and asked us for our assistance. We were able to assist them in dealing with questions and issues surrounding the IVF situation in Alabama. With this information and other information this individual had gathered and consulted, they were able to make a decision in their best interest.

Also, recently, a gentleman contacted us about taxes and fees being assessed on a VOIP (“voice over internet protocol”) telephone line. He sent us some additional information, and we were able to advise him and provide him with some information concerning his question.

These three examples demonstrate ways Foster Law can help you beyond any need you may have for a nursing home lawyer, elder law lawyer, or car accident lawyer. We are here to help. Please feel free to contact Foster Law today.